They say curiosity killed the cat…

What they fail to mention, is that curiosity created the cat.

Without curiosity, we fail to exist in the first place.

We are born as a result of the curiosity of another.

From the moment we arrive in this place, we observe all.

We ask questions the moment we discover our voice.

We gaze into the eyes of those around us, to be shown the way.

Curiosity leads us from pre-birth, to post birth, to all of the adventures we encounter on this earth.

A vast place, with opportunities endless.

Consciousness is a gift, but how do we spend it?

Do we spend it being curious, or do we spend it being furious.

Furious with all of life's unanswered questions.

As opposed to mystified by the beautiful suspense's.

An open question, to one that is closed.

You must pick your poison, you must choose your pose.

Should you seek out the answers, take pleasure in life's journey?

Or supress what you've been born to do, and ignore your hearts yearning.

Should you rise to your call, curiosity leading the way.

Or stay dormant forever, your gifts wasting away…

This choice is yours and yours only, but listen closely to your heart.

Remove the blockage from your soul, curiosity is just the start.