Cycle of Solstice

This moment in time, sharing our first Christmas Cheer,

is a time to reflect, on our adventurous year.

This year like years past, 4 astronomical seasons,

which solstice felt love? And what were the reasons?

Winter brought induction, the beginning of it all,

our souls first acquainted, an awakening to the call.

The call to inception, the call to wonder,

had we both struck gold? What was this plunder?

Spring brought curiosity, an interest in more,

our souls entangled, building trust and rapport.

The rapport of inquiry, the rapport of regard,

had we a thirst for relation? To embrace or discard?

Summer made it official, our rules and our codes,

our souls feeling vulnerability, and paving our roads.

The roads to ascension, the roads to build on,

we shall prevail, we shall become one.

Fall brought us memories, both good and bad,

and difficult conversations, our souls they’ve had.

But have them they must, for they wish to be stronger,

a beckon for more, and our journey to be longer.

Thus completes this year's cycle, our story, our solstice,

nor flawless or faultless, love still our hostess.

And so one gentle promise, to you that I make,

your heart I will cherish, every day that I wake.