Why call yourself a writer, if you can't overcome the fear to write.

Why do you worry of other perceptions of you, or what is wrong or right?


If I could just dig deep, find somewhere to start, shake off the cobwebs, and open my heart -- I think I just might start. I just might try. I just might wake my soul - and feel so alive. If I could just dig deep, and keep on digging, there's no telling the learnings that would unfold, it might take some slight jigging. It might take some first steps, and a couple of falls, but in the end, I'm sure it would be worth it all.


They asked people on their deathbeds, to share their deepest regrets… and you know what they said?

They said they didn't take enough risks during their life.


Well, if it wasn't the successes, it wasn't the legacy they left behind - it was the risks they didn’t take - then what are we waiting for?

Surely a full life lived, fully wisdom infused, would be the kind of advice, that should be headlines in the news.

Surely a souls dying breath, before they come to a final rest, is the kind of advice, we should consider ourselves blessed.

To be let in on the secret, to learn from others mistakes, my life is but a stream - and they are but a great lake.


I mean the older I've gotten, the more I've come to realize, perspective shifts in life -- a changing of my eyes.

The world changes everyday, as does my views on it, I could debate with my self of last week, or the self of tomorrow -- so surely this is proof, that change is inevitable, in my soul, in my eyes, in my very existence.


Our souls are inexplainable, everchanging, and resilient.

We must nurture our souls, and everything that comes with it.

Fight your fear my friends,

Discomfort brings great learning.

We can do it together,

Feeding our souls greatest yearning.