Ode to Gremlins

I love watching you fill your days.

I love being a part of your analytical ways.


I love when you look at me, asking me to help out.

I love our passion together, and our morning work outs.


I need not for you to lighten up, be simple, or slow down.

I only ask that you be you, I love you both smile or frown.


I love it when we make to-do lists, share feelings, and plan.

I love that you accept I am not perfect, and that you love me for Dan.


I know that ignoring my feelings, won't make them go away.

I know I have an impact, it should not always be my way.


Your hard feedback is needed, the octopus is on my face.

I love that you are not uptight, and that we've created a beautiful space.


Sometimes we make things into problems, and sometimes that’s what is needed.

Sometimes we argue with each other, and sometimes it gets really heated.


Sometimes we are really hard on ourselves, and sometimes that is necessary.

I admire that you challenge us to achieve our highest potential, you really are my adversary.


I love your positivity, and your optimism is as bright as the sun.

I love that you are not always serious, and love that you like to have fun.


I admire that you don't require convenience, in order to make things work.

I admire your bravery to take on complexity, and commit to doing the work.


You envy that I can sleep in, and I envy that you can wake.

I love when you do nice things for me, especially because you give with no take.


I love that you allow me the freedom, to walk my path without fear of being judged.

I love that you are following your dreams, and I will support you always - so indulge.


My love, you are not a disease, you are my hearts all-natural cure.

I am infected by your love, we belong together, and this I am sure.