The Feelings of a Man

A man who masks the truth for what he deems the greater good.

A man who knows nothing but what he knows.

A man who represents strength, in a time of weakness.

A man who views no strength, as a sign of weakness.

A man who represents hope for others, yet has little hope for others.

A man who admits defeat, but remains a confident soldier.

A man who struggles to find the good, when there is surely good.

A man conflicted, personas intertwined, yet unraveled and different, like the situations that approach him.

A man fearing no fear, not death, nor worry.

A man who worries and fears, the death of others, and their tears.

A man giving respect, to those who deserve, a blind simple bliss, ignorance allows much respect to be given.

A man whose dish, often feeds him first.

A man who offers to others, those who are in more need, more thirst.

A man learning new things, every day in this place.

A man observing sound, movements, and space.

With careful observation of oneself, only time will tell, the changes he will make, what path he will choose. Does he choose his own path? Has it already been chosen?

In the dawn of his new wake, will he cower, or become one.

A man is merely a man.