The Human Soul

When the world descends, casts it's darkest nights,

you may feel so alone, a mere faint light.

What you need understand, what you need know,

the brightest light in this world, is the human soul.


Though we walk this world, in our mortal self,

it is our soul-the driver, without it-nothing else.

It cannot be destroyed, the soul's eyes are nocturnal,

it cannot be diminished, its forever eternal.


The soul feels no pain, no suffering, nor anguish,

but for those still mortal, it can be hard to distinguish.

But extinguish the soul, one simply cannot,

for it lives and it breathes, asking "forget me not".


To all those still mortal, temporarily left behind,

my soul shall live on, forever enshrined.

In your memories, your thoughts, every future decision,

my soul lives within you, and you are now my vision.