Adult Eyes

Silly man, psilocybin, these tricks are for kids

To embark on 'once was' is to remember 'what is'

Perplexed and paralyzed, forgotten then realized

It's how we live our lives, once we grow into these adult eyes


If life was a certain way, we'd rebook our 5-star stay

But the currency of maturity seems to bankrupt us of our purity

The purity of our laughter, no concept of reprise

Age and time our demise, as we grow into these adult eyes


The world that we see, people places and things

The commitments we make, bound by diamond rings

The simplicity of exploration, discovery beyond the skies

Becomes crowded by clouds, as we grow into these adult eyes


I implore you with truth, to loosen responsibilities noose

To take on new perspectives, forget 'mandatory', choose 'electives'

Because there was a day, not so long ago

When curiosity trumped practicality, and you loved to play in the snow

You understood hide and seek, you could play it for weeks, never getting bored, always wanting more, not needing to keep score, not locking your door, not questioning 'what for', not needing much more, you'd play till fatigue, until forced to go to sleep, you'd beg and you'd plead, 'oh please can we read', can we read just one more, even if you'd heard it before, being awake filled your core, you weren't ready to be shown the door, sleep was less enticing because dreaming was nothing new, dreaming was just you, dreaming is what you do, imagination running free, as happy as one could be, so clearly you could see, what a life it could be, you just wanted to play, grateful for each day, no concept of tomorrow, no excuse for 'someday', always seizing the day, this was the natural way

Embracing our nakedness, our childhood was bliss, to avoid your reminiscence is to avoid life's first kiss

The gravitational pull of your heart, it kept body mind intact, no scrapes bruises or scratch, could keep you from the pact

The pact you had with yourself, unconscious but true, this life was worth living, and you loved being you