The craziest part about oppression - is you ARE being oppressed.

Yeah.. Maybe the world is holding you down…

But truer than that -- You are holding YOURSELF down from the WORLD.

You are your OWN biggest oppressor.

And someday the time will come when you realize that.

And on THAT day… you will know.

Because you will be REBORN.

And you WILL be KNOWN.

You WILL be true.

And you will take the world by storm.


When you begin to realize you are your OWN biggest oppressor, you can begin to ask the question… WHY.

And if you are BRAVE enough to venture into the WHY - you MAY just find your answer.

And whatever your answer is - if you begin to INTEGRATE, UNDERSTAND, and comes to term with -- you will find your FREEDOM.


No longer oppressed, you can spread your wings, and share your GIFTS -- you were ALWAYS meant to FLY after all - you just clipped your own wings.

Maybe you didn't want to be the only one flying - you'd stand out.

MAYBE the most important realization is that when you begin to fly - you THINK that you're alone - until those around you REALIZE they have wings too - and then you ALL begin to fly.

NEXT thing you know - your fear of flying alone is no longer true.

We are ALL flying - we ALL have gifts - and YOU have JUST triggered a chain reaction that cannot be stopped.

You've gone from being your OWN biggest oppressor - to INSPIRING and leading others.

You've changed the WORLD.

It was within your control all along.