When a Tree Falls

When a tree falls in the woods, if no one is around, does it make a sound?

I sit alone in a crowded coffee shop in a foreign land.

People moving all around me, going about their days, here I sit.

I feel like a tree.

No one knows my name, there is a sense of anonymity.

A mysterious soul rippling ever so gently.

I wonder if my impact is felt, or if the bustle of my surroundings is enough distorted energy to shroud my pulsation.

This non-existence feels free.

Alone with my thoughts - I close my eyes and bring myself to the awareness of alternate senses.

The sounds, the smells, the touch, mine to explore.

Exploration without boundaries or judgements - a feeling so serene.

I may just stay here a while in this ambrosia.

Delighting in the sacred anonymity.

I am but a piece to the puzzle of this coffee shop.

Should I fall, surely this impact would be known to this forest of energy.