Nature’s Chalice

Silence and serenity, natures divine potion presents itself to the solemn soul.

To drink from the chalice, one must open all senses to allow the full palette of nature's gift.


Open your heart, do not deny what you feel, instead, feel what you deny.

Move towards the truth, the beating sound of your soul’s drum so perfectly in tune with nature's orchestra.


Open your mind, hand-in-hand is the existence of your mind and nature.

Both limitless, ever-changing, and vast, implored to explore both as many before you have.


Open your eyes, nature has many wonders to bestow.

What appears to be flat, is in fact round, what appears still, is in fact flourishing with life.

Behind every crack, crevasse, and shadow, undiscovered epiphanies reside.


Open your ears, may you begin to understand the language of the wind.

Nature whispers softly in its native tongue, whilst breathing on your skin.

The secrets the sound share is enough to inspire the trees to dance frivolously.


Open your arms, yet proceed with awareness, nature is both welcoming and unforgiving.

Consciousness is present, as you move through its sacredness, choose friends and foes alike.

Be prepared to be in open dialogue with new terrain.


Open your mouth, let the words pass through your soul and assemble themselves in the voice you've been given.

Speak to nature like a long-lost friend, nostalgic and reminiscent, a plethora of experiences you've shared.


Silence and serenity falls over you.

Your senses moist from the chalice.

How much is left of this potion?

And when will you choose to drink again?