Here to Stay

As I wake on this day, I take the time to reflect.

How far I have come, and a feeling so direct.


Who am I now, who have I become?

What is this feeling, that makes me so numb?


I feel it in my body, I feel it in my soul.

It gives me great energy, and it makes me feel whole.


It has not always been present, nor always been known.

But these past few months, it’s come close to home.


It’s there when I rise, its there when I fall.

It’s there when I need it, and its there when I call.


So hard to describe, but try - I must.

For it resembles love, with a hint of lust.


Where has it come from, where does it belong?

What is this feeling, that makes me feel no wrong?


It burns in me, everlasting like the sun.

It yearns in me, telling me it’s just begun.

The feeling has no end, its power seems infinite.

I close my eyes and think, it becomes some definite.


I've felt it all along, I've known it to be true.

This feeling inside of me, this feeling is you.


And now that I have you, I will never let you go.

Nothing can change that, nor rain or snow.


Forever in my arms, that's where I shall keep you.

Forever in my heart, that's where I shall hold you.


To standing in the fire, to never abandoning your side.

To being your man, to whom you take pride.


And so this life long journey, has led you here today.

Sitting in front of a man, saying "I am here, to stay."