We lay in the hammock, alone in a mysterious and unfamiliar place.

Both humans and animals fail to acknowledge our existence.

Together, we are everything, and nothing.

She nestles her head into my chest and my heart beats softly for her.

Our bodies intertwined like trees that have grown side-by-side for hundreds of years.

The limbs of masculine and feminine create a perfect balance.

In this moment, there is peace.

I jokingly say, "I could die in this moment and have lived a happy life".

I realize it is not a joke.

I've searched my whole life to feel this way.

The sun had set, but our bodies continued to feel the warmth.

Two souls that need not speak, as years of experience together have allowed deep intimate connection.

My everything.

In this moment.

At peace.

A connection back in.

A healing of our souls.

Let's stay here forever.

Entangled, in sync, in love.