This future is big, this future is bright

Dream as big as you can tonight

Its filled with optimism, filled with joy

Taking control of your life, no longer a ploy

Control it you will, control it you must

Focus deeply my friend, and you might just

Might justify life's suffering, accept it to be true

Life worth the adventure, worth an evolved version of you

Consolidate all of life's lessons, bring it all forth,

Buckle in for next chapter, embrace your new course

Think back to past, did you predict your present

Of course you didn't, twas wrapped, a present

The present is life's gift, you lived your whole life for today

Grab ahold, hang on tight, time to seize the day

Present, past, future, all enthralled into one

This could be the end, or life's just begun

I mean when I say, life worth the adventure

Billions before us, embarked on a similar venture

Each of us unique, yet so intimately entwined

Open your eyes, look around, what do you find

A world worth partaking, a soul worth embracing

A mind worth growing, and a heart worth holding

Be strong enough to be bolding, be forever forming new molding

Crack your shell often, for the sake of what’s on the inside

Peaking deep deep within, to see what it takes to come alive

Find your passion, find it now, for it calls you so

Dance, marinade, form songs, don’t let it go

Call it faith, call it mantra, call it beliefs, call it you

Hold it tight, feel delight, dream of that tonight

Possibilities infinite, opportunities spiraling

Answer this call my friend, your purpose is dialing

Ringing always and often, it's always been within

Clearer than the ocean, clearer all the time

Partly cloudy skies, often reveal the sun

Feel its warmth, so divine, mind body soul align

It is your time my friend, it is your time to shine